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The recent global industry trend showed that the role of Supply Chain & Logistics management in companies is becoming more critical & important to sustain the overall profitability of companies. When companies arrive at certain stage where profitability stays at very low number, while sales revenue can only grow slowly because the market competitiveness getting tougher, many of them started to see & review their Supply Chain management & Logistics execution function. Improvement on this function can help companies to reduce their operation expenses so that they can expect to increase the net profit figures.

In Indonesia, especially after the economic crisis, this SCM & Logistics focus trend has been well acknowledged by industries. Many of companies started to initiate strategic programs related to the improvement on their SCM & Logistics. Various management consultants promote this trend to industries & at the same time, the requirement of good quality people in the field of SCM & Logistics has been growing very rapidly.

As a result, in the last quarter of 2002, ALI (Asosiasi Logistik Indonesia http://www.ali.web.id/), Indonesian Logistics Association, was established. ALI is a non profit organization for the Supply Chain & Logistics profession in Indonesia. ALI is open to Indonesian citizens who work as practitioners, academicians, regulation makers, or observers in the field of supply chain & logistics management. ALI's membership is individual. ALI was opened to public membership in January 2003. As per December 2009, total number of members registered reached more than 3,000 professionals consisting of practitioners, academicians, regulators, and those who have interest in this field. The practitioners came from various industries, namely manufacturers, logistics providers, distributors, traders, retailers, Oil & Gas, and many more.

As an organization, ALI has put a vision and mission in bringing a conducive atmosphere for Indonesian logistics industries to grow and can contribute in developing excellencies in human resources in the field of the Supply Chain & Logistics management for the country.

To enhance the quality of Indonesian human resources and to act as a focal point for people in the field of supply chain & logistics management in Indonesia.

To be the most prominent Supply Chain & Logistics Professional Association in Indonesia by bringing best value to Indonesian logisticians and industries through various activities, online & offline, & collaborations with relevant organizations & communities.

Message from President

Selamat Datang di Situs ALI

ALI adalah organisasi profesi nirlaba di bidang Supply Chain & Logistics Management (SC&LM) di Indonesia. Keanggotaan ALI terbuka bagi individu Warga Negara Indonesia yang berkarya sbg praktisi, akademisi, pembuat regulasi, maupun pemerhati bidang SC&LM.

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ALI Organizational Structure 2021-2026

Dewan Kehormatan
Ketua Dewan Kehormatan :
Prof. Dr. Ir. Senator Nur Bahagia

Anggota Dewan Kehormatan :
Prof. Dr. Ir. Teuku Yuri M. Zagloel, M.Eng. Sc

Ir. Andi Ilham Said, Ph.D

Dewan Pakar 
Ketua Dewan Pakar :
Dr. Nofrisel, SE, MM.

Anggota Dewan Pakar :
Dr. Ir. Hoetomo Lembito, MBA, CSLP, CMILT

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