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06 Sep 2019


course - 09 Oct 2019 09:00

ALI Secretariat


9-10 October 2019

The Lancaster Bangkok, Thailand


With The Fourth Industrial Revolution upon us, emerging technologies such as IOT, blockchain, collaborative robotics, advanced analytics, machine learning and AI are enabling and accelerating the digital transformation of supply chains for greater customer-centricity, operations agility and efficiency gains. However, the real challenge lies not in learning the available technologies, but rather on how

organisations can successfully digitalise, automate, implement and integrate these technologies to reduce supply chain silos for improved visibility and value creation.

A recent report by Accenture has indicated that 85% of businesses have implemented or are going to integrate digital technology to transform their supply chain management. An effective digital supply chain is expected to result in a 10% revenue increase, 20% procurement cost reduction, and 50% supply chain cost reduction. Supply Chain Congress 4.0 by Trueventus is aimed to create the perfect platform for supply chain, procurement and logistics professionals to learn how to successfully deploy emerging technologies in embracing supply chain 4.0 by building an agile, responsive and ever-improving end-to-end supply chain.




Futureproofing your supply chain and logistics operations in a connected age Evaluating the ROI of smart technologies’ integration and their role in your supply chain


Leveraging the power of analytics to advance accuracy in supply chain operations Breaking silos and re-engineering processes to improve supply chain responsiveness

       and flexibility

Driving process optimisation and automation to transform supply chain from demand

       planning, warehousing to last mile delivery.


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Exclusive 10% discount for Indonesian Logistics Association members to join the Supply Chain Congress 4.0. To register for this international conference, kindly fill in the registration form and fax or email it back to me.


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