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30 Mar 2011

Achieving Operational Excellence in SCM

course - 25 Apr 2011 09.00



25 - 26 April 2011

Mercantile Athletic Club, WTC 18th Fl, Jakarta




Supply chain management is among the top strategic initiatives for businesses of all sizes. Yet most executives and managers feel they don't have good control over their supply chains. Even the well informed are saddled with questions about aligning their supply chain initiatives to corporate strategy, establishing organizational buy-in, optimizing performance, educating the enterprise, and defining the financial opportunities. This shortcoming has resulted in the gap that is inherent in most companies and which will result in the inability to compete or to stay afloat during challenging economic times.  The challenges involved in optimizing a company's supply chain are substantial, but there is an answer. Whether you're engineering a new supply chain to wade the current crisis or trying to improve the performance of an existing one, this customized workshop will show you how to navigate through each step of the journey and help you answer the following questions:

How do I build the burning platform for change?How do I re-engineer to be competitive in the current crisis?What are the areas that are critical for survival during this period?Where should I be focusing my efforts?How do I know my current performance?How do I measure supply chain performance improvement?How do I manage successful supply chain projects that deliver sustainable returns?What financial benefits should I expect to achieve?What specific projects do I need to undertake to improve company performance?



This workshop seeks to equip your organization's key personnel with an in-depth understanding of how a robust supply chain operation is critical in ensuring the survival of your business, and how to improve your company's competitiveness in the marketplace. This workshop uses the highly acclaimed Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) Model.

The model has helped hundreds of companies globally to achieve unprecedented success in improving their operations with dramatic impact on their financial performance. You can achieve the same! We aim to develop knowledge and skills for your staff so they are able to undertake supply chain improvement initiatives in your organization, using data and information from your business.

This way you benefit directly from the training investment because lessons learnt are directly applied in solving pressing business issues.

Furthermore, your team will come under the expert guidance of a globally recognized and certified SCOR trainer throughout the workshop to, not only coach in proper use and application of the tools, but also in ensuring that the improvement initiatives undertaken delivers maximum impact to your business.


Key Deliverables:

Able to use the SCOR model to craft a supply chain strategy for your organizationConfidently lead a supply chain improvement project within your organizationUse the SCOR Project Roadmap as a tool in implementing supply chain improvement projectsBe able to disseminate information, and lessons learned to your internal team Be able to act as project managerBe well versed with the tools and techniques of analysis and problem solvingBe conversant with using the right metrics and scorecards and applying them correctlyAble to prioritize supply chain improvement opportunities



When you are grappling with dwindling demands, and operations cost reduction is vitalWhen you need to improve your revenue earnings potential and competitiveness  When you have poor ERP utilization or when you are grappling with an ERP implementation projectAnd when you have a myriad of operational challenges such as high inventory, poor delivery performance, supplier delivery issues, quality issues, demand backlog, material shortages, volatile demand from customers, customer complaints, transportation management challenges, warehousing constraints, poor performing 3PLs, production capacity constraints, etc



We have successfully implemented more than a dozen SCOR projects globally and in the region since the SCOR model was introduced more than 10 years ago. The program will be customized to suit your business and your unique challengesOur Lead Facilitator is a recognized authority on the SCOR model with implementation experience in companies like Hershey, Singapore Airlines, the US Department of Defense, Ministry of Defense of Singapore, Dell Computers, Network Appliance, Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, among others.Our approach and methodology mirrors that of the Supply Chain Council BUT we bring fresh local perspectives to help you understand the intricacies of business process reengineering in your local business context with bi-lingual instruction in Bahasa Indonesia and EnglishThe exercises we use are not text-book case studies but based on real implementations and lessons-learned. When you leave the workshop, you can still have open access to our expertise through remote assistance, or an option to engage our expertise as your project coach until you are comfortable doing it on your own.



THIS PROGRAM IS DIFFERENT. When your company signs up for this program, you have the option to request our Lead Facilitator to go into your organization for a period of between 1 to 2 days to conduct a flash diagnostics & assessment of your organization's supply chain operational performance using the SCOR framework. We will then help you develop a baseline performance scorecard which is benchmarked with the rest of your competition in your same industry segment. This competitive benchmark & results of the assessment will later be used during the workshop to help prioritize improvement initiatives. As part of the program, our coach will be on site to guide your project team along at critical periods during the project milestone.This program is a 'roll-your-sleeves-up' working session and designed so you can work with your colleagues on your supply chain issues. At the end of the workshop, you will have valuable insights into your supply chain - its performance, its critical success factors, what it looks like, and how it should operate. Rather than just being a pure training session, it combines both consulting and coaching to bring a value-added dimension to conventional training.



This program will focus on the senior management team, company divisional heads, functional line managers and functional executive/supervisors, who want to equip themselves with the knowledge and skills necessary to be effective supply chain practitioners' and change agents. The program also assists your team in optimizing your end-to-end operations. The participation of the senior management team is critical as they will need be sponsors and provide support in ensuring the effective implementation of projects.



Rp. 3.500.000 per participant

The Investment include lunches, refreshments and training materials



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