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05 Feb 2015

Effective Negotiation to Produce Wise Agreements

course - 28 Feb 2015 09.00

ALI Secretariat

Effective Negotiation to Produce Wise Agreements

All of us negotiate all the time. We negotiate so much of our time with our boss, subordinates, spouses, peer, kids, neighbor, friend, customer, supplier, etc. One difficulty we often have is the more we negotiate, the tendency is to get better and better at less and less. We will only focus on our most confident skill.


A good negotiation should produce a wise agreement (if an agreement is possible), should be efficient, and should not damage the relationship between the parties. Back and forth heated arguments or doing contest of will, it would only generate bitter feelings and it may last a lifetime.


In this workshop it will be explained in detail how a good negotiation should be conducted effectively. Using some examples of video it will be visualized what really happen during negotiation.

Workshop Approach

             Attractive presentation

             Dynamic communication



Who should attend

Supply Chain, Procurement, Human Resource, managers in charge to take strategic decisions, managers leading a team, executives who are willing to increase their negotiation skill


•            The Essence of Negotiation

•            Negotiation Techniques:

-   Technique applicable universally

-   Technique applicable for transactional relationship

-   Technique applicable for collaborative & alliance relationship

•            Method to avoid  "Battle of Positions"

•            How to handle People Problems

•            Developing BATNA

•            How to protect our self from unwise agreement

•            Common dirty tricks in negotiation



Ir. Nova Gustama MSc.

Graduated from Delft University of Technology in Holland; with experiences over than 20 years in Supply Chains Management and Procurement with several multi national companies, such as Hallmark (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Mattel Indonesia, Johnson Home Hygiene Products, Danone Aqua; he has attended various short courses in several Asian, European countries and America; conducted various public and in-house training.



28 Februari 2015

09.00 - 16.00

Gedung UGM Samator Pendidikan

Jl. Dr. Saharjo No. 83 Manggarai Jakarta Selatan



Group (+3 perosn) Rp 1.600.000/participant

Regular         Rp 1.500.000/participant

(*include training kit, snack&lunch, certificate)



Asosiasi Logistik Indonesia


Phone 021 - 386 3936/ 0811 9590 620





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