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21 Apr 2015

Risk Management In Logistics And Supply Chain

course - 25 Apr 2015 09.00

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Room: Class, maximum 15 participants

Language: Bahasa Indonesia

Method: Theory, Case Study and Exercise


Managing risk in the supply chain has never been as challenging as it is today. As more companies have outsourced production to overseas locations, supply chains have been extended, the number of nodes increased, and the complexity of the networks has moved exponentially. Whereas in the past, supply chain managers were mainly concerned with reducing cost, reducing purchase price variance, and managing inventory, today supply continuity is the single biggest business driver.


Indeed, organizations now recognize that "preservation of shareholder value" is now of paramount importance. Witness the impact of major supply chain disruptions on companies such as Ericsson, Hershey, Apple, Wal-Mart, and a host of other major companies who rely on timely delivery of products and services to meet customer needs. Research has also shown that these disruptions can reduce shareholder value by up to 20 percent overnight, and in some cases, these effects linger for five or more years.


Objective of the course:

Participant will understand about mean of risk in logistics and supply chain as comprehensive understanding in business strategy.Participant will understand the ways to identify and assess of risk in logistics and supply chain in their business environment.Participant will understand the ways to prevent and mitigate of risk.Participant will understand about risk management procedures.Participant will be able to act in emergency risk in logistics and supply chain.



CEO or business owner in logistics company.Manager of Logistics or operational in Manufacture industry.Staff or employee from other Department that need to know about risk management in Logistics and supply chain.Gadruate student which interested in Logistics and supply chain area.Student from University or Business School.


 Course Modules:

Understanding of risk in logistics and Supply Chain.Identifying and assessing supply chain risk.Risk management procedure in logistics and supply chain.Take action to change the risk in logistics and supply chain.Case study and exercise.


Profile of Facilitator

Dr. Wardaya, S.Kom.,MM.,CCBP

Is a business practitioners with some experiences. His career is since 1997 year as manager of small and medium business, manager of business research and until now as trainer and lecturer in STMT Trisakti university specialist in logistics and supply chain management.  Inside as lecturer, Dr. Wardaya  has experiences as a consultant in logistics companies include is  CV.Javanet Komputer, PT. Evorel Indonesia, PT. Kuala Pelabuhan Indonesia (Group PT. Freeport Indonesia), PT.Sucofindo, Tbk dan PT. DHL Exel Supply Chain Indonesia.


The Consulting activities now is as facilitator for logistics and supply chain improvement in oil and gas company and education training in logistics and supply chain in some universities or private education organization in Indonesia.



25 April 2015

09.00 - 16.00 WIB

Gedung UGM Samator Pendidikan

Jl. Dr. Saharjo No. 83 Manggarai Jakarta Selatan



Regular                        Rp 1.600.000/person

Group (+3 person)         Rp 1.500.000/person

*seminar kit, lunch & coffee break, certificate



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